About Us

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12 Months Warranty
Our team at Electric Bike has been established since 2017 and has rapidly become a strong provider of various electric bikes within the market. With our dedicated team and fantastic customer service, we have provided a next to non-service for all our time in the electric Bike world. All our products are CE certified and follow all the EU safety regulations. Also, our best electric bikes are made with the highest quality and are designed with components which have been made to follow the EU safety regulations. Our stock are based within the UK .

At Electric Bike, we provide an entire range of electric bikes with different colours and designs to appeal to that of our massive target audience. We also make sure we offer you the best prices for our exceptional devices. 

We offer a one-year guarantee with all our products. As we pride ourselves providing such a flawless service and product and more importantly giving the customer exactly what they want from such a company.